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Refined Medical Staffing – $1200 – 4 weeks

Prior to the pandemic, healthcare staffing shortages have created a challenge for medical facilities. While the staffing model is not a new one, increased demands for flexible and reliable staff have created the opportunity for a different kind of travel nurse agency.

Finding a strong differentiator between themselves and their competition was a key challenge for Refined. By aligning this message with a complementary visual identity they might be able to capitalize on that differentiator and claim a potion of the market.

Boogie Boi – $1800 – 6 weeks

At the height of social turmoil in the streets across the country, Americans seemed more divided than ever. While unpopular, the ideas of individual liberty and social unity may be the only things preventing the collapse of modern society.

With a highly visible social media campaign, a brand new website, and a full line of apparel, Boogie Boi was able to spread support of civil rights and outfit their loyal fans in the process.

In under three months after launching, they received over ten thousand website views, a thousand fans on social media, and close to two thousand dollars in sales.

Fusion Arts Alliance – $2400 – 8 weeks

Fusion Arts Alliance was founded after recognizing the need for a vibrant arts culture in Grant County. Already having strong arts programs and talented artists in the community, founders saw an opportunity to leverage the community’s talents and work together as a cooperative.

Prior to launching, Fusion lacked clarity of purpose and a visual identity. It needed to reach potential members, partners, and sponsors by communicating the value it planned to provide.

By evaluating organization material, analyzing competitors, and developing customer profiles, a brand strategy and visual identity were implemented. Print collateral and merchandise were produced. A brand style guide, marketing strategy, content calendar, and custom typeface were released for use on future marketing material.

A clearly defined strategy and cohesive identity helped the non-profit organization recruit its first three dozen members and raise over $20,000 their first year.

MyShare – $1500 – 5 weeks

Faced with major challenges posed by social media giants and the digital advertising model, MyShare sought to revolutionize the industry by leveraging blockchain technology and incentivizing user engagement.

They needed to raise a large amount of venture capital in order to scale fast enough to reach the tipping required to make this happen. 

A communication plan and visual identity helped to secure funding for a prototype and the interest of several hundred users.

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